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The list below is about the rules that are meant to guarantee everyone an enjoyable, wonderful and safe experience. If these policies and guidelines are broken, then the admins have every right to warn or ban the user that has broken these rules.

Here are the Rules and their consequences;

  1. Please do not discourage someone else's ship, but you may state your opinion (warning)
  2. No cursing. Even minor swear words, might be uncomfortable for others and there parents/ guardians. (warning then baning)
  3. We want this wiki to be a safe place for everyone, please, no mature romantic topics (banning)
  4. Please no bullying or contacting others with hurtful comments. (suspension then banning)
  5. Do not edit fanfiction that does not belong to you unless given permission from the author. (author decides)
  6. If your fanfic or fanart does not belong to you, please give credit to the original user who has created it. If you do not know whose it is, do not credit yourself for it. (warning)
  7. All are welcome here and please be aware of users sexualities, religions, and beliefs. Here we fully support the LGBTQ+ community, and do not take kindly to users who think of them in a negative way. (Banning)

If you have any questions, concerns, or have spotted a user breaking the rules, please contact an Admin immediately.  

Thank You, Have fun and Follow the Rules!!!

Banned Users

There are currently no banned users!!! Let's keep it this way, and continue having fun!