Here is a list of the ship teams.

Team Sophitz Edit

Cognate rings, the Moment Under the Panakes Tree, these two deserve each other! Both these talented telepaths have a relationship like no other, but are they more than friends? With many loyal Sophitz shippers around the globe, Sophitz is one of the most popular ships in KotLC! Join Team Sophitz today, to make sure these two become More Than Cognates! For more about Team Sophitz go to Team Sophitz.

Team Sokeefe Edit

ALL HAIL TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE! Sophie and Keefe have an impeccable bond that only grows after shaking. Since Exile, this ship has grown to be a popular ship and is always increasing in moments. Sokeefe shippers band together and come up with flawless reasoning for why this ship should happen! Come join Team Sokeefe right now to be a part of and be a part of this everlasting community! For more about Team Sokeefe, click here!

Team Sodex Edit


Team Solinh Edit


Team Tiana Edit

Who said that opposites don't attract? Sweet Biana and spicy Tam would make a perfect couple. Constantly exchanging glances, unwittingly commenting about how they love each other's hair - these two are just meant to be! BAM - it's TIANA!

Team Keefiana Edit


Team Tarella Edit

Threatening to burn off someone's bangs? I mean, what could be a better way to start a relationship! Especially one between two people who compliment each other perfectly, have amazing commentary and are just in general completely awesome! Think that this ship is truly the best: Join Team Tarella!

Team Dexiana Edit


Team FeDex Edit


Team Finh Edit


Team Darella Edit


Team Lylie Edit

LYLIE FOR THE WINH! Nightfall has left many fans rabidly shipping Lylie! Join Team Lylie to make this ship happen!

Team SnuggellaEdit


Team SizelEdit


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